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Rider 8 125cc

Rider 8 125cc


类型Type 110cc/125cc,风冷(Air cooled),4冲程(4-stroke),单缸(1-cylinder)
缸径Bore x Stroke 52.4mmX49.5mm/52.4mmX55.5mm
压缩比Compression Ratio 9.1:1
化油器Carburetor PZ20
点火Ignition CDI
启动方式Starting Time
电启动(Electric start)
传动Transmission 倒档-空档-前进(R-N-F)
驱动系统Drive Train 链驱动(Chain Drive)
最大扭矩Max. Torque 7.0N.m/6000r/min/8.0N.m/5500r/min
最大功率Max. Power 4.8kw/7500r/min/5.3kw/7500r/min
前悬挂Suspension/Front 独立双摆臂(Independent double swing arm)
后悬挂Suspension/Rear 单摆臂(Single swing arm)
前刹车Brakes/Front 鼓刹(Drum)
后刹车Brakes/Rear 通风液压碟刹(Ventilated Hydraulic disc)
前轮Tires/Front 19 x 7-8半径(19x 7-8 radial)
后轮Tires/Rear 18x 9.5-8半径(18×9.5-8radial)
长,宽,高L x W x H 1520mmX940mmX940mm
座高Seat Height 620mm
轴距Wheelbase 960mm
最小离地间隙Ground Clearance 135mm
前轮距 760mm
后轮距 670mm
电瓶Battery 12V/5Ah
油箱容量Fuel Capacity 2L
净重Dry Weight 101KG
最大载重Max. Load 75KG
包装尺寸Package Size 53.9X30.3X24.8 IN
装柜量Loading Quantity 100台/40高柜 (100pcs/40HQ)
最大速度Max. Speed 48km/h
油耗Fuel Consumption 2.5L/100km
启动时间Starting Time ≤15s
制动距离Brake distance 30km/h≤6.5m


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