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Cookies policy

Cookies Policy

The cookies policy shows how Apollo ATVS (referred to as “we,” “our,” or “us”) uses the cookies when the users or clients visit their websites.


What are cookies?

The cookies are a small file of letters and numbers that we store on the user’s browser or in the hard drive of the computer if the user agrees and accepts it. It will have information transferred to the user’s hard drive in their computer.


Consent to Receive Cookies

When you access, browse, or use the site, you must agree to our strictly necessary cookies.

The users can also disable the cookies from the browser and delete them, which are stored on their devices. The users have the right to manage the use of cookie types by visiting our site.


Manage Cookies

Keep in mind that if the user disables the cookies from our browser, they will be restricted from accessing our website or using certain sections of the site. Until and unless the user adjusts their browser setting, our system issues cookies whenever they access our website.


Why are Cookies Necessary?

We collect some important internet log information. The information includes an operating system, IP address, and browser type. It is necessary for reporting the usage and system administration. These details are collected in such a way that doesn’t identify you.

Cookies help us to:

  • Customize the website according to individual preferences.
  • It helps us to carry out research and development processes which include website improvement.
  • Recognizes whenever you visit again to the website.

Here are the cookies used on our website;

  • Strictly Necessary Cookies

These cookies are necessary for the site’s operation process. It includes cookies that let the users log into secure sections and pages of our website.


  • Social Media Cookies

The social media cookie type will record visits to the site. For example, the pages the users have landed on and the links they followed while browsing. We use this essential information to make our website and advertisements more relevant based on the user’s interests. Moreover, this information will also be shared with third parties for their site enhancement.


  • Analytical or Performance Cookies

These cookies enable us to recognize and account for several of our visitors. It also lets us know how visitors browse our website and its pages and sections. Further, it guides us to improve how the website works and responds to our users. We can also find the issues such as slow loading, low traffic and high traffic times, etc. After getting ensured by this with necessary improvements followed, we make a better place for the users to find the products easily.


  • Functionality Cookies

Functionality cookies are used to recognize the users when they return to the website. With this information, our developers personalize the user interface and content. We put our best efforts into making the website more interactive and engaging. Moreover, we will remember your past preferences on our site. For example, choice of language and region.


  • Targeting cookies

The targeting cookies keep a record of the visits to our website. The pages users have visited are the links they have followed. We use the information to make the website more relevant to the visitors. We may also share it with search engines such as Google. If you want to know how Google uses and handles it, you can check out the Privacy Policy and Terms and Conditions of Google.


How do we use cookies?

Cookies enable website applications to respond to the individual with personalization. Further, our website will tailor fit and customize its operations based on your preferences, likes, dislikes, and needs. Hence, we gather, store, and remember the information connected to your preferences.

We use the traffic log cookies to identify the most used pages. The cookies also help our website development team to analyze data. This also lets us know about the webpage traffic rate. Further, we improve and maintain consistency and meet our customers’ needs. We only use traffic log cookies for statistical analysis purposes. Later, the data is removed from our system.

Overall, the cookies assist our team in providing a better platform for users to easily navigate our products. It also helps to enable which pages users find more helpful and which are not useful.

Cookies don’t allow us to access the user’s computer or to fetch any information about them. It only gives us access to the data which the users prefer to share with us. Hence, the users can choose to decline or accept the cookie types. Some browsers automatically accept cookies. However, the users can modify the browser settings to restrict cookies if they want to. Remember that it will prevent you from getting the most out of our site.



This cookie is used for Google Analytics. With this, we can track the journey and activity on the website. Its information will improve the browsing experience and enable our team to place accurate data on the website for our users.


utmb and utmc

Cookies B and C are just like siblings. They will work together to calculate the duration of a visit. utmb takes the timestamp of the accurate time the visitor entered our site, while utmc gets the timestamp of the right time the visitor has left the website. This information further helps to improve, develop and enhance the website design, features, and functionality for our users to let them spend more time.



utmz cookies keep track of visitors’ regions and travel journeys. It will showcase where the visitor has come from. We will also know what search engine they used and what link they clicked on. Moreover, the cookie lets us know what keyword they searched for to reach our services. Our team will know their exact location when the visitor accesses our website.



This essential cookie is used for the operation and function of our website. PHP sessions will offer great value to our user’s browsing experience. It will enable exclusive features such as requesting inquiries about UTVs, ATVs, bikes, etc. Also, requesting a test ride and saving the vehicles to the wishlist.